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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on June 17 2020

Jun 18, 2020

Vision:  When we were praising and worshipping, I felt this powerful ……  I had a vision in my head of Jesus, his heart beating just so powerfully.  Every time we praised and worshipped him, his heart beat became stronger and stronger, and out of his heart poured his blood, his love and his Holy Spirit onto us.

Confirmation/Prophecy:  I also saw a heart.  I was given: his heart is with his mother’s heart.  He was showing me that when you put those two hearts together it makes a very strong bond, a very strong heart and he said, “Follow the … because in my mother’s heart is where I am.”

Prophecy:  “My children, you are so precious to me that I have given you life.  I have given divine life of my body, soul and divinity into your heart.  When you consume me in the Eucharist, when you take time in prayer and come before my presence and be still and allow me to feed you and nourish you, that...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on June 10 2020

Jun 11, 2020

Prophecy:  “Sometimes, my children, you are blessed and confused.  You don’t know what to say to me.  There’s no words in your mouth for you feel so lost, alone.  But know, my children, that I hear the words of your soul, that your soul cries out to me, that your soul speaks to me and I always hear, my children, and I always answer your soul.”

Prophecy:  “I know you.  I know each one of you.  I know each one of you intimately.  You are my beloved and I delight in each one of you.”

“Father, there are many unspoken prayers in our hearts that you hear tonight, Lord, and we offer them all up to you, Lord.  Take the heights of Heaven for you to love among us in our hearts, for the heights of Heaven are among us here on earth.”

“Lord, we ask you to pour out your gifts, the gifts of your Holy Spirit upon each one of us here on this virtual prayer meeting, Lord.  Give us the gifts that we...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on June 3 2020

Jun 04, 2020

Prophecy:  “If you follow me all of your days, your reward will be greater than you can ever imagine.”

Vision/Prophecy:  I had an image that I have had one time before.  It was little acts of love that we do, like little stones.  They may seem like small stones thrown into the river, but sometimes the ripple effects reach far and wide and go places we have no idea of where they would go.  So every little act of love can …  great things.

Prophecy:  “My children, I call you together as my own.  You are my precious little ones.  You are part of my family and tonight you are all together in my home.  This is my house; the people that are joined together tonight are part of my house.  I will pour my heart upon you in giving you my Holy Spirit.  I’ve called you to love one another as you have loved me and I call you to bring this love out to the world and the world will see how much I love them...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on May 27 2020

May 28, 2020

Prophecy:  “You are my beloved disciples.  Come nearer.  I want to give you a big hug.”

Prophecy:  “You are my delight.”

Confirmation/Prophecy:  I can confirm that.  I heard the Lord say, “Come to me”, three times.  And he said, “You are with me.  Love me.  Trust me.  You must come to me.”  And I saw Jesus.  He was lit up like the light of a sun and as I saw clouds, he said, “You are with me.”  Then I saw in the clouds with him.

Scripture Reading 1 Corinthians 1:3-7:  “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I always thank God for you because of his grace given in you in Christ Jesus, having been enriched in every way – in all your speaking and in all your knowledge – because our testimony about Christ was confirmed in you.  Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on May 20 2020

May 21, 2020

Scripture Reading Psalm 92: “It is good to give thanks to Yahweh, to play in honour of your name, Most High, to proclaim your love at daybreak and your faithfulness all through the night to the music of the zither and lyre, to the rippling of the harp.  I am happy, Yahweh, at what you have done; at your achievements I joyfully exclaim, ‘Great are your achievements, Yahweh, immensely deep your thoughts!'” 

Scripture Reading Psalm 26:6-8:  “I wash my hands in innocence, and go about your altar, O Lord, proclaiming aloud your praise, recalling all your wonderful deeds.  I love the house where you live, O Lord, the place where your glory dwells.”

Prophecy:  I felt the Lord was saying, “I see you singing to me. I hear your songs and it touches my heart, my children.  Continue to do that for it pleases me.”

Scripture Reading Joel 2:25:  “I will repay you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on May 13 2020

May 14, 2020

Vision:  I saw a hand in the shape of a heart and inside the hand, it was water with a dove in it and a red flower.  At one point, water was being poured out and I was hearing later in the praise and worship that the Lord was giving out an anointing tonight.

Confirmed by another person.

Scripture Reading:  Malachi 3:1 – “I shall send my messenger to clear a way before me and suddenly the Lord will come to his temple.  Yes, the angel of his covenant for whom we long is on his way, so we will be able to resist on the Day of his coming.  Who will remain standing when he appears?  He will be like a refiner’s fire, like fuller’s alkali.  He will take his seat as refiner and purifier; he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they can make the offering to Yahweh as it should be made.  The offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to Yahweh as in former days, as in the days of...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on May 6 2020

May 07, 2020

Prophecy:  When we were singing the song about coming down like rain and fire and wind, the Holy Spirit put it upon my heart that the wind is the Holy Spirit coming powerfully upon us, his fire is the purification of all that is dark within us, and the rain is the gentle healing of God and the Holy Spirit upon our souls.

Confirmation/visions:  The Lord wants to heal you, …. the anointing of the sick.  Know that I am greater than this sickness.  I am greater and I am the healer.”  I heard “healing” three times and the Holy Spirit was showing me that the Lord is sending down his healing.  And I heard that that darkness that has stricken the earth right now, he is lifting off now.  He is taking that burden away.  And I saw a river of water and a stream and water being poured out of a pitcher.  At the very end, I saw this beautiful, it looked like Northern Lights, this beautiful sea of grace that looked like Northern...

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Prophetic Words at live stream on April 29 2020

Apr 30, 2020

Prophecy:  “My children, what you’ve done here, it pleases me.  You’re showing love for each; you’re showing love for those in this time of need.”

Confirmation:  I confirm that.  He’s so happy to see us…as best we can.

Prophecy:  “I have not left you orphaned.  I am with you through this time.  Know that I am always with you.  Be not afraid.  I am close to you right now.”

Confirmation:  I believe I have confirmation of that.  I had almost the same words.  Jesus wants us to feel secure in him, that he will not forsake us and he will not leave us.  He’s always watching over us.

Confirmation:  And he has such immense joy from our praise and worship and that we’ve gathered.

Prophecy:  “Why are so many of my people so afraid?  Do they not know that I am in control?  I am who I AM.  Do you not feel me in the midst of everything...

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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on April 22 2020

Apr 23, 2020

Prophecy:  I feel that the Lord is saying that we are his beloved ones and he is pleased that we come to him in this manner this evening. and he is with us.  He is right here with us.

Confirmation:  I kept getting the same thing.

Prophecy:  I kept hearing you chose me and the Lord was saying, “I chose you.”  That he has chosen you.

I could envision Jesus standing there, smiling down on us because even though the music didn’t quite come through right and we were all singing at different times, I think he was smiling.  He knows our hearts.

Prophecy:  I felt the Lord saying, “My people, repent and be glad.  The time is coming more, I’m going to bring many to you, many that need to be taught, many that you need to witness to.  The harvest will be many.”

Scripture Reading:  This reading is from today’s Mass but it was something I prayed with this morning and wanted to share with someone but now...

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Alpha Sessions March 18, 25, April 1, 8 and 15 2020

Apr 15, 2020

Alpha Sessions – How Does God Guide Us?  Who is the Holy Spirit?  What Does the Holy Spirit Do?  How Can I Be filled with the Holy Spirit?  Prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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