Answers to Prayer

December 9, 2020 - Anne is thanking God for inspiring her doctor to prescribe a medication that has taken away pain because of fibromyalgia.  She is now able to walk for 30 minutes, etc.  Thank you, Lord!

December 9, 2020 - Raj who had tested positive for COVID has returned to work.  Teresa, his wife, and his son who lives with them all tested negative.  Praise God!

November 11, 2020 - As a result of prayer last week, Charleen experienced immediate relief of problem in right eye and slight improvement in vision in left eye.

November 11, 2020 - Teri:  I don't know what has happened but I feel so much lighter and so much more at peace.  I'm not sleeping 12 hours a day.  I'm sleeping 6 to 8. I don't feel as tired as I used to.  Thank you, Jesus.

November 4, 2020 - Teri had a fear of being lost because she would become disoriented.  Since her tumor has been removed, she has gone out and has not become disoriented and the fear is gone.

October 14, 2020 - A condo that was for sale for two years, was sold after prayer.  This was a witness to Maria's sister of God's love.  There was a shift in her.  We all need evidence to prove that God loves us and is listening to us.  Thank you, Lord.

September 23, 2020 - David had back pain for two week.  Tonight, during praise and worship, he realized the pain was gone.  Thank you for all your prayers.

August 26, 2020 - Teri's surgery on removing tumor successful.

August 26, 2020 - Maria gave a praise report re tithing.  When she gave as the Lord put it upon her heart, he blessed her finances.  

August 5, 2020 – Last Thursday, Donna came down with cold symptoms.  On Wednesday, we had talked about praying out loud.  She prayed out loud, asked the Lord that this not be COVID-19, that she be well enough to go to her friend’s funeral.  She was tested and it came back negative.  By Monday, her symptoms were all gone.  She has never had a cold heal that quickly.  Plus, she’s on medication that causes her to have a compromised immune system.  So, she knows that it was the Lord who did that for her.

August 5, 2020 – Georgina had a lot of problems with her knees in the last couple of months.  She had a couple of people praying for her last week for “Unbounding” and same day, her knees were completely healed.  Also, she sees effect on her family.

July 15, 2020 – Guillaine:  “Last week, after I was prayed for, my feet don’t pain me too much like before.  I am able to sleep now, days without pain.”  Margaret:  Margaret had left her car in Calgary with an elderly couple.  This week, she was told where she lives, that there is a parking space that she can now have.  A few days later, she got a phone call that the gentleman was not driving any more and she can have her car back.  Thank God!  The Lord worked it out that, now, this will make it easier for Margaret to get around.  The Lord has also put it on her heart that he has more for her to do.   Maria:  “After prayer over the phone, the meeting went very, very well.  All the lies that the clients were saying about me, came to light.  The reception that I have, now, at the office is unbelievable.”  Anne:  Very good progress in the healing of her knee.  She is able to exercise, etc.

Feb 5/20 – Poonam:  Had backache for number of weeks.  Came last week to the meeting with this backache.  After prayer, backache was gone and has not come back.  Thank you, Jesus!

Dec 4/19 – Guillaine: Grandmother had rash. Guillaine gave her the sand from Chimayo. The grandmother put it on the rash and the rash is gone.

Dec 4/19 – Elizabeth thanked everyone for their prayers for Paul. He passed his Cadet fitness test.

Dec 4/19 – Teri: Her shoulders and lower back were really sore. After prayer, she was told to thank God when she felt no pain and which she did. A few weeks later, her back and shoulders have not been sore.

Dec 4/19 – Paul thanked everyone for their prayers after falling from a tree while hunting (pelvic bone and shoulder injury).

Nov 20/19 – Jessica thanked everyone for their prayers to have her pass her exam. She was delighted to tell us that she passed.

Nov 20/19 – Doris thanked God for all the healings in her life. She kept on asking for prayers for an extension of her work permit because it had expired. She was frightened, concerned. And the Lord did it. There were two miracles that happened. Her work permit had expired and you cannot work in Canada without a work permit. Her work place allowed her to continue working. And she received an email that the extension of the work permit has been approved.

Nov 20/19 – Rosalie thanked us for praying for her children. Her son who is 20 years old and has not worked decided to apply for a job. He applied for only one job and he got it. Her youngest daughter has also applied for numerous jobs.

Nov 20/19 – Rodger is moving to Fargo and most apartments want a full year’s lease and a 60 day notice. He could not commit because he has no job and what if he gets something else somewhere else in the country. He went to Fargo last week and was able to get a place with a 6 month lease and then it’s month to month.

Oct 30/19 Praise Report – Lori Ann shared she usually says the Rosary when she leaves St. Francois Xavier. Yesterday, it was quite slippery and snowy. She was saying the Rosary and when she got to Headingly, she started to brake for the light and the car started to fishtail and spin around and she went right into the ditch backwards. She stepped out of the car into water. As she crossed the road to go to Husky’s, she fell. It was so slippery that she could not get any traction with her shoes. This car stopped with these two guys and they kept saying, “Get up, get up, there’s cars coming.” She couldn’t get up and all these cars were stopping and finally, she was able to get up and they took her to the gas station so that she would not have to cross the road any more. She called CAA and they came within 20 minutes. She just felt so loved because it could have gone very badly.

Oct 30/19 – A few weeks ago, Loree asked people to pray for his eyesight because he had tunnel vision and now it’s all cleared up and so he has regular vision.

Oct 30/19 – This has been something like 20 years of prayer for family members to come to the Lord. And now, Linda has heard of a few coming back to the church or mentioning the Lord or giving religious cards at Christmas/birthday. Something is happening! Praise God!

September 25/19 – Michael – “Long steady prayers for spiritual warfare and God’s mercy and healing.  And over the months, members of our extended family have been better and better; peace in their family and things going better for them and the happiness that I haven’t seen in them before.  So, it was a slow, steady progress; sometimes some setbacks but the Lord is powerful and he loves us.  If we ask him, he will heal us.”

September 25/19 – Valerie – “A few weeks back, I had joined an association for agriculture and was looking for a mentor to help me.  I was able to meet with her yesterday.”

July 24/19 – Guillaine went to a doctor in March and they found out that she had a very serious disease.  She received prayer.  Yesterday, she went to see the doctor and the disease is gone.  Thank you, Jesus.

July 24/19 – Terri had a tear in a muscle.  She was in a lot of pain.  She was throwing up.  After prayer, she has not thrown up.  It’s over two weeks that she has not thrown up.

July 17/19 – Leann & Ron’s son is a pilot and after much prayer, he has been made Captain.

July 17/19 – Donna had an issue in her life that she was praying about and asking the Lord what he wanted her to do.  She got this one possible solution.  She kept praying about it.  Three or four days later, she got another solution that was the exact opposite of the first one.  She thought she should talk to her parish priest, Fr. Chris, see what he would say about it.  She was at Mass one day during the week and after Mass they pray the Chaplet of Mercy.  So, while they were praying the Chaplet of Mercy, Donna was saying in her head, “Lord, if you want me to talk to Fr. Chris today, can you arrange it that I can do that.”  So, we finished the Chaplet of Mercy and Fr. Chris comes and sits right next to me and says, “So, Donna, how are you?  While we were praying the Chaplet of Mercy, the Holy Spirit told me to come and talk to you.”  She told him what she had prayed.  Fr. Chris said that when the Holy Spirit puts something upon your heart, you need to listen.  Because when the thought came to him to go talk to Donna after Mass, he wondered, “Why, is there something wrong?”  But he thought, “No, the Holy Spirit is asking me.  I am going to go and do it.”  So if we think the Lord doesn’t hear our prayers, he really does.

July 17/19 – Michael had asked for prayer for his son about three weeks ago.  Also, he opened on a page on “healing”, healing the wounded,  in the book, Deliverance Prayers for the Laity.  He thought this was excellent for his son.  His son started to pray the prayer from that book.  A job had been lost but he just got peace and he got optimism and now, he’s getting prospects.  The Lord is alive and well in acting.

July 17/19 – Lori Ann’s mother has dementia and was living in assisted living where she had to get up, dress herself, etc.  Her knees hurt so much that she wasn’t able to do that.  So every time she could not get up, they would send her to emergency.  Emergency would send her back. The next morning, when she couldn’t get up, she would be sent back to the hospital.  Finally,  she was kept in Seven Oaks Hospital.  They prayed and prayed that they would find a very good nursing home for her.  That nursing home has been found!  She’s in a beautiful home right now.

July 17/19 – Maria is taking a holiday trip to Italy.  She booked one hotel for a few nights.  It was meant to be in mid August.  However, Maria didn’t catch it when the person on the phone said July.  When Maria discovered this mistake, she immediately asked them to change it to August.  However, they were not going to waive the charges.  She went for prayer and the group agreed in prayer that the hotel would drop the charges.  While still at the meeting, Maria got the news that they have dropped the charges.  In addition, they owe her $10.00 and some cents because it’s in August and not July.  Praise God!

July 3/19 – Richard had a migraine headache around the clock for 14 days.  He went to a chiropractor several times – didn’t help.  He asked a few people to pray for him and one suggested that he ask Jesus to heal him at the time of receiving Holy Communion.  He did this for 2 Sundays in a row.  Since the second Sunday, he has not had a headache.

June 12/19 – Maria M. took care of her parents for the last 3 years.  The last year has been difficult.  About three weeks ago she came for prayer for her parents.  The next day, she received a call from the social worker saying that they have both been accepted to a personal care home.  She said to Maria, “You must have been praying really hard.  We’ve never ever done this, that your parents are accepted at the same time and they are going to be right next to each other.”……which they’ve never done that either.  Praise God!

Praise Report June 12/19:  Monika had severe shoulder pain.  It got so bad that she could not lay on her side.  She could not raise her arm at praise and worship because of the pain.  At the praise and worship pre- Pentecost evening, her heart filled so much with joy as she was singing.  During the praise, she felt as if someone was pulling up her arms and she couldn’t stop singing.  She had no pain all night long.  She slept on her side again.  She had the best rest in a long time.  She still has a little bit of pain but hearing tonight the message on forgiveness brought something to her mind.  There is something she has to deal with and she will praise and thank the Lord.

June 12/19 – Valerie thanked everyone for their prayers.  She has received permanent residency in Canada.   Eugene, too, had a prayer request.  He is also getting his permanent residency and it’s happening very quickly…much quicker than his friend.

June 12/19 – Maria was harassed at work and she was hurting very badly.  She asked for prayer.  She was led through a forgiveness process.  She was also given 3 readings:  Eph 6:12, Psalm 149 and Psalm 150.  She was to read them out loud.  The Word of God broke through and changed the situation.  There will be another evaluation written on her work and the Lord showed her that she is good at what she does.

At January 9, 2019 meeting, Pasqua shared that her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter from Boston were visiting her.  The day before their scheduled departure, the granddaughter became very ill.  The next morning, she still had great pain in her abdomen, was nauseous,  had a hard time moving, etc.  The flight home seemed impossible.  Pasqua prayed for her and still she was in pain.  Pasqua continued to pray and ask Jesus to heal her.  Suddenly, the granddaughter jumped up in great joy and said that there was no more pain.  She was healed completely and the family was able to go home to Boston on the scheduled flight.  Pasqua witnessed to her family that Jesus is alive!

At December 5 prayer meeting, Richard thanked God publicly for results of a test.  A few years back, he had two lymph nodes removed and he was given a not too good diagnosis and then  a couple of years ago, they said there’s one that we have to watch.  Then a year ago, they said we better watch it every three months because it’s growing.  He had an ultrasound in the last week.  They said, “I don’t know what’s happened.  It totally disappeared.”

Dec 5 – “One of my favorite sayings in the bible is Matthew 7, vs 7 – Ask and ye shall receive.  I’m sure when I meet Jesus, he’ll say, “Boy, Donna, you took me up on that.”  I retired at the end of August.  In September, I started praying, “Lord, I’d like to plan a vacation for next year.  What should I do?  And could you give me someone to travel with?”  …… The answer to her prayer is that she was given the information that a Nathaniel group from the St. Boniface diocese going to the Holy Land in April and they had a couple of extra spots.  She is going with 43 people and the person she is sharing a room with is someone who is also involved in the Charismatic Renewal.

Dec 5 – A lady left her purse in a shopping cart outside of Walmart, drove to Bulk Barn and realized she didn’t have her purse.  She usually asks for St. Anthony’s intercession, but this time she went to the top.  She said, “Lord Jesus, this was so stupid of me.  Please help me find my purse.  But if I don’t find it, at least make me learn the lesson you want me to learn from this.”  She went back to Walmart, went to the desk and asked if a brown purse had been turned in.  “No,” and then the fellow called somebody else, and then the phone rang and he was distracted.  Then a young boy walked in carrying her purse.

Anne asked for prayers that she would do well in an exam.  She got 100%.

Valerie had asked us to pray for her father who had toxins in his kidneys.  The test results coming in now are good.  Thank you, Lord!  She asked that we continue praying for her family.

Leann shared that answers to prayer have been that her daughter and family move back to Winnipeg from Montreal and that they be able to sell their home there and purchase another one here.

Maria K. shared that her prayers for her family have been answered.

Richard shared on an answer to prayer request that we exchange weekly.  Report of 2 EKGs showed the possibility of a past heart attack.  Richard not aware of that. EKG sent to heart specialist who said no need to see him.  There was no heart attack.

At July 11th prayer meeting, There was a prophetic word “John 10:10:  I came that they might have life and have it to the full,” and there was a word of knowledge that someone is looking for a job.  The Lord will answer as that person wants.  That Wednesday morning, Arya had gone for an interview for a job.  She felt this word was for her and she praised God.  She, also, prayed the Word of God in Romans 9:16, “It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”  In addition, her prayer request in the basket that evening was that she get the job if it be God’s will.  The interview panel told her that they would inform her in a week.  A week went by, without hearing anything so she went for personal prayer at the end of the meeting.  And by the grace of God, today, (Wednesday, July 25) she got the phone call offering the job position she was looking for.

The market for selling homes in Calgary is flooded.  However, with prayer, Anne’s home was sold.  Thank you Lord.

After viewing 4 sessions on “How to Pray for People”, we had a practice session with two people praying for Margaret who had a back pain on and off since being in a car accident many years ago. During prayer she experienced heat and her pain was gone.  We saw her the next morning and asked about her back pain and she said it was gone and she felt terrific.  Thank you Lord.

Jonathon has a job.  Thank you Lord.