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Prophetic Words & Scripture Readings at Live Stream on September 16, 2020

Sep 17, 2020

Vision/Prophecy:  At the start of the praise and worship, I saw a beautiful river with a waterfall and in that river there was lots of beautiful foliage and flowers all around and then I heard the Lord say, "This is my kingdom for you to rest and to be my love."  I also saw Darlene and she was taking the water; she was smelling the water because this water had a beautiful fragrance and I heard the words that it was sweet.  This water was sweet.  And in the water, though, the Lord was showing me that in the water, in this river, there's a few thorns.  But because of the sweetness of this water, this beautiful aroma, that we can overcome these thorns and that we are to just dwell on the sweetness of these waters.  And the Lord showed me, when we look in the water of the river, when you stare that you can see yourself.  He said, "When you dwell in my water, this image of yourself becomes the image of me."  He said that when we dwell with the Lord that we can take on the image of the Lord.  We can become one with him.  And then the Lord, as he was standing by the river, he took one of those beautiful flowers the fragrance was coming from and he said, "When you smell the fragrance, dwell in that fragrance, that is my Spirit."  He said, "Because when you smell the fragrance, that is when the Holy Spirit comes deep into your soul, into your whole body and your soul and then into your heart."  And he said, "This is how the Holy Spirit can come and dwell in you and you can then reflect him, the image of God, through that dwelling, through that real indwelling, full indwelling of the Spirit."  And he said, "That is love, that is his love."  And then, at the side of the river, he was in a beautiful white gown and he stretched out his hand to follow him, to take his hand and follow him.  And then, coming out of the water, it was like a baptism, the image of the baptism at the Jordan.  He said that this is like the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that he needs us, urgently, to go out and baptize people in the Holy Spirit, just like the beginning of the Renewal, the days of the Renewal right at the beginning.  This is the kind of baptism he wants everyone to go out to find and baptize people just like the beginning days of the Renewal, that this was the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture Reading:  I just feel like the Lord was saying many of us feel like we're brought down to our knees by everything that's happening in the world.  The Lord is reminding me of the verse in one of St. Paul's letters where it says, "My grace is sufficient for you, where my power is made perfect in your weakness."

Scripture Reading Ephesians 1:7-10:  "In him we have redemption by his blood, forgiveness of transgressions in accord with the riches of his grace that he lavished on us in all wisdom and insight.  He has made known to us the mystery of his will according to his pleasure, which he set forth in him, as a plan for the fulfillment of time to set up all things in Christ both in heaven and earth."

Prophecy:  "My people, my church, will you not rise up with me?  It is time.  It is time that we shake off our old ways and reach my people with love, with understanding, with joy.  It is time, my people, rise up with me.  I will lead you with my Holy Spirit.  It is time to rise up."

Scripture Reading 1 Cor 13:1-2:  "Strive for the greater gifts and I will show you a still more excellent way.  If I speak in tongues with mortals and of angels but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.  If I have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains, I do not have love I am nothing."

Confirmation:  A person at the meeting emailed us the day after the meeting to say they confirmed the Scripture Reading in Corinthians.

Prophecy:  I kept receiving the words that we are to be constantly praying in tongues.  We are to be constantly praising him in tongues, when we're walking, when we're sleeping, when we're laying down, when we're working, continually praying in tongues.  The Lord is going to do a mighty work but he needs us.  He needs our voices.  He needs our prayers and that's going to be done through the gift of tongues.

Prophecy:  "Seek first my kingdom and all these things will be added unto you."

Prophecy:  I've been sensing that the Lord was saying that we're growing through prayer groups, through prayer but we're not to keep it to ourselves.  It isn't that we without saying too much, but we are to speak to others, not turn them off but just to plant the little seed, just to spread God's word and be his love to others whether they have been following him or not, of course, especially if they have been not following him but we are supposed to be spreading ??, those outside the church as well.


Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT spoke on Authentic Love.  Only authentic love in our life brings healing to broken love.  Authentic love is to will the good of others.  She recommended a book, "Be Healed" by Bob Schuchts.  Parts of our heart that are disintegrated - Jesus comes to bring all the parts of our hearts together to make us whole.  Many times in our life, we say, "Why did this happen to me?  Why did you allow this to happen to me?"  A truly spiritually mature person does not sit in the question of "Why?".  They sit in the question of "How will I respond?"  If we believe in the premise that God is good, then he will bring all things to good.  He gives us beauty for ashes.  There is nothing in our life that is beyond his redemption.  He's going to bring authentic love into our life and what that love does is that love resurrects us.  It's exhausting to make ourselves right.  It's exhausting to continually try to prove to God why he should love us.  What we find at the end of the day  is that we're loveable because he loves us.  Story of the Beauty and the Beast.  People who are angry - a lot of times at the heart of that is deep fear and shame.  We're only as sick as our secrets.  We need Jesus with skin on - people who authentically love us and will never turn away when we share our secrets.  It's a process of speaking out the secrets of our life, the dark parts of our hearts.  Christianity is meant to be lived as a fellowship and it's not just a gathering of bodies but a gathering of hearts.



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