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Prophetic Words & Scripture Readings at Live Stream on October 14, 2020

Oct 15, 2020

Leann opened the meeting with a commentary on this mornings Mass reading on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  The fruit of the Spirit is the product of a long growth process.

Vision/Prophecy:  I saw a horse and a horse saddle.  I heard the words, "Be with me, my child, be with me."  There was a call to bow our heads and pray.  He also said that his shepherds need prayer.  Then I saw a candle that was lit and there were three angels around the candle.  When you pray, they are there and they wait on you.  I saw through this time with prayer with the candle and the angels, an oil that was coming down like an anointing.  Suddenly, I felt my feet were burning hot.  And I saw Jesus.  He is very present here tonight during the praise and worship.  The sense I had was that Jesus was saying that he is like a keepsake.  This is how we are to keep Jesus in our hearts like we do like a keepsake, keeping him very close, like a treasure.  Then I saw it was like a burning fire mixed with oil, together.  Then, the feet were burning hot.  I believe that Jesus was giving an anointing this evening.  Then a beautiful robe, a precious robe.  The sense was it was like what we are all called to be.  We all have the priesthood, the kingship of him and that's the robe.  And that he wants us to share it and to wear his robe.  We know that it's there but you need to say "yes" to it.  You need to accept it.  And then the feet were burning.  Then I saw tears of blood."

Scripture Reading Daniel 3:12/Prophecy - I received Daniel 3:12.  It's when the three young men were put in the furnace and when they started praising God, there was another person in this furnace with them.  The fire did not touch them.  It did not burn them.  And the Lord said in my heart, that's what happens when we praise him.  When things look so bleak, when we're sick, we're scared, we're lonely, we're afraid; as long as we praise him, he is there.  He will protect us from all those things that come against us.  Keep reading Daniel 3:12 all through and just praise him every single day.  Use his word that way.  And the Lord says, "I will be with you for I dwell in the praises of my people."  

Prophecy:  He says to us he wants to be with us always.

Prophecy:  "Come, come my children, come. I love you.  I embrace you.  I am calling you to myself.  Come, come.  Come, come, my children.  I come to embrace you.  I come because I love you so dearly.  I want to be in the center of your heart.  I want to know you more and more dearly, more closely, to live in the light shining through each part of your being, to shine out so the world may know that you I love if you are mine.  If you pass by, smile, as the acquaintances go by and my light will shine through you to them.  My dearest children, be that beacon so that people will know that the Lord is alive and they see it in you.  My dearest children, come now, come."

Scripture Reading Luke 18:1 - "He told in a parable the necessity of praying always and not losing heart."

Prophecy:  "My children, I call you to pray and to fast.  And as you pray and fast, my ? will be with you.  Come, my children, pray, pray to me, your Father.  I love you so, my children."


Fr. David Pivonka, TOR spoke on the contrast in Acts 2:1-12 and John 20:19-22 on God's presence.  In Acts, it's a strong, driving wind that fills the entire house and tongues of fire.  The crowd was astounded and amazed.  God wants to show himself like that to us.  God works like that, sometimes.  In John, the disciples are in a locked room.  Jesus came and stood in their midst and said, "Peace be with you."  No strong driving wind,  no lightning, no fire.  Reminding us that peace is a presence of something, not the lack of something.  Then he breathed on them.  No tongues of fire, no lightning; just a simple breath.  The Lord is present in both of them.  The release of the Holy Spirit is in both.  In Genesis, the world was chaos and the Lord breathes order into this.  The Lord breathed life into Adam's nostrils.  In Ezekiel, the Lord says to Ezekiel to breathe life into the dry bones, breathe God's Spirit into these bones.  Fr. Pivonka's prayer is that we can be so close to Jesus, that we can experience his breath, that intimacy like a mother with a child on her breast.  The importance of community - that we literally breathe life into one another.  The world desperately needs to hear and see what we see and hear.  

During intercessory prayer, Psalm 107:20 for David.  "Then they called to Yahweh in their trouble and he rescued them from their sufferings; sending his word and curing them."  

Scripture Reading Romans 15:13 - "May God the source of hope fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Praise Report:  A condo that was for sale for 2 years, was sold after prayer.  This was a witness to Maria's sister of God's love.  There was a shift in her.  We all need evidence to prove that God loves us and is listening to us.



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