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Prophetic Words and Scripture Readings at live stream on June 10 2020

Jun 11, 2020

Prophecy:  “Sometimes, my children, you are blessed and confused.  You don’t know what to say to me.  There’s no words in your mouth for you feel so lost, alone.  But know, my children, that I hear the words of your soul, that your soul cries out to me, that your soul speaks to me and I always hear, my children, and I always answer your soul.”

Prophecy:  “I know you.  I know each one of you.  I know each one of you intimately.  You are my beloved and I delight in each one of you.”

“Father, there are many unspoken prayers in our hearts that you hear tonight, Lord, and we offer them all up to you, Lord.  Take the heights of Heaven for you to love among us in our hearts, for the heights of Heaven are among us here on earth.”

“Lord, we ask you to pour out your gifts, the gifts of your Holy Spirit upon each one of us here on this virtual prayer meeting, Lord.  Give us the gifts that we can build up your kingdom.  Give the gifts of prophecy, of visions, of anointed Scripture passages, of reading of them, and of healing and, Lord, all your gifts, we ask you to shower them upon each one.”

Prophecy:  Before you prayed that prayer, I kept hearing the words, the Lord was saying he’s going to rain upon us, going to rain upon the earth.  He’s going to rain all his gifts upon us.  He’s going to come down like rain.  All we need to do is receive, put our hands out and receive the gifts he’s giving us.  They are for his kingdom.  They’re not for us to hold on to.  They are for the kingdom of God.  


Fr. Mike Schmidt on “Prayer”.  Putting in the time.  Four tips on praying:  1) When – When are you going to pray?  Make a decision.  Has to become the thing you build your day around.  2)  Where – Where are you going to pray?  Not horizontal in bed.  Free from distractions.  3)  What – or how.  What are you going to do when you pray?  Choose one thing that you do during prayer (i.e.  Scripture or Rosary or whatever) and commit to a season (i.e. one month).  After that, ask yourself if that was beneficial to you. Then you can choose to keep on going or change to something else.  You are free to do that.  4) Why – Why are you going to pray?  Prayer is meant to build a relationship with the true and living God.  If I can’t find 20 minutes every day to build a relationship with the God who is pursuing  me, then something is wrong.  My priorities are out of whack.  

The whole battle is just showing up and being there the whole time.  The hardest day to pray is the day after the day you forget to pray.

Sharings on different ways we pray:  Play guitar and sing to the Lord.  Reading “Word Among Us”.  – Praising the Lord in song with YouTube.   Talking to God throughout the day.  – Go for walks and talk to God and sing to Him.  (As I walk, I talk to him about my day, my fears, my wants, my needs).  I write my prayer out to God.  – I like to start my morning with prayer.  I read the bible.  I try to say the Rosary and the Seven Sorrows of Mary during the day. – From the Word Among Us in 2018:  Why do you pray?  To find the Lord and stay by his side.  I’ve always believed that you set the time aside, you show up, then whatever is happening is happening in God’s presence and that’s your prayer.  – There are a variety of ways.  One of my favorites is start of with a prayer and then open the bible randomly, asking the Lord to speak to me.  Sometimes listening to the Gospel Hour on Friday nights – As I walk by houses, I pray for the households.  – When I hear a siren, I pray for the people. – A couple of quotes about prayer:  1) Seven days without prayer makes one weak.  2) No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it but he suffers from it.

June 17/20 meeting will be live streamed at 7:30 p.m.      


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