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Prophetic Words & Scripture Readings at Live Stream December 28, 2022

Dec 29, 2022

The following are words given by participants at the streamed meeting.  1 Corinthians 14:29 says that "Two or three prophets should speak, and the others weigh carefully what is said."  1 Thess 5:19-21 tells us not to despise prophecies, but to test everything and retain what is good.

At the beginning of the meeting - The words of a song:  "Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born."

Scripture Reading John 1:1-5, 14 - "In the beginning was the Word:  the Word was with God and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.  Through him all things came to be, not one thing had its being but through him.  All that came to be had life in him and that life was the light of men, a light that shines in the dark, a light that darkness could not overpower.  The Word was made flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory, the glory that is his as the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth."

Prophecy - "Open your heart.  Come close to me for indeed this night I am blessing you.  I am pouring out my blessings.  So, open your heart and receive all that I have for you."

Scripture Reading Psalm 150:1-6 - "Praise the Lord!  Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty expanse.  Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness.  Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with harp and lyre.  Praise him with tambourine and dancing; praise him with stringed instruments and pipe.  Praise him with loud cymbals.  Praise him with resounding cymbals.   Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord!"

Prophecy/Vision - After the prophecy and Scripture reading from Psalm 150, I felt the Lord saying that in order he does want to bless us abundantly, but he wants us to praise him no matter whether we feel the blessing or not.  It's hard to describe what I'm hearing but, the Lord is saying, "My people, I love you with an everlasting love, but, my people, I live in the blessings and in the praising of my people.  Continue to praise me and see how the blessings are going to fall from heaven like dewdrops."  And then, I had this image of the Infant Jesus of Prague.  I could see him right through the computer.  And he had his hands out.  He was blessing all of us.

Prophecy - The words that keep flying through my head are, "Let your light shine."

Words of Knowledge/Confirmation. - A woman is still crying.  She will be healed.  A man with fibroid tumors in his neck - they are all not cancerous.  The Lord will heal him.  Someone with a sore leg which has been broken a few times and won't heal properly; it will be healed.  I agree with the word given that we are to praise him, and praise him more.

Confirmation/Prophecy - I want to confirm everything that was said.  There are so many blessings coming down constantly, constantly, constantly, but we're not open enough to receive them.  The joy of the Lord would be overflowing in us if we'd only look at the blessing instead of the curse or instead of, "Ah, this was so terrible what happened today," and blah, blah, and we're always complaining.  We're always seeing the negative.  Jesus says, "Look, look at all the blessings coming down constantly.  Praise me for those. Praise me for the good in your life.  Praise me for everything that is coming.  Don't get stuck on the hick ups.  Don't get stuck on those things.  Praise me in everything, for everything, good and bad, and it will all be changed and used for his glory and for our joy."

Prophecy - "My children, if you only knew how the heavens and the angels are praising my name for the glory and the joy of the birth of my Son.  You, my children, I have called to become like my Son and I desire that you should grow to come to know me in a deeper and in a more fuller way.  And I give praise that my Son is able to reflect this glory within you.  So, continue, my children, to come to me with your praises and your worship and with all your joy and all your hope; for I am pouring my Spirit upon you and you will see even more so my glory reigning here on earth."

Confirmation/Prophecy - The Lord said very clearly, "You have no idea, my people, how many wars, how many diseases, how much darkness would be expelled by your praises.  My people, stop using words of negativity.  Stop speaking the problem.  My people, rejoice in me.  Speak the solution, my people.  I am working in your life.  I am working in all your family's lives.  My people, praise me no matter what is going on around you.  That is how the enemy will be brought down.  It will be through the praises that will be uttered out of your mouth.  This is a new day, my people.  It's a new day that is coming upon the earth and I need you.  I need your voices, I need your praises and I need your song in order to bring that day about."


The priest said that Newsweek carried a story some years ago about Russian orphanages.  A couple of aid workers told of an encounter they had at one orphanage just before Christmas.  They wanted the children to hear the Christmas story, something they had never heard before.  Then they invited the children to make their own miniature Nativity sets.  One boy around 6 years of age had placed two images of the infant Jesus in the manger.  When they asked him why did he have two, through a translator he said, "When Maria laid the baby in the manger, Jesus looked at me asked me if I had a place to stay.  I told him I have no Mama, I have no Papa.  I don't have any place to stay.  Then Jesus told me that I could stay with him.  I told him that I couldn't because I didn't have a gift for him like everybody else did.  I wanted to stay with Jesus so much that I thought about what I had that I could use for a gift.  So, I asked Jesus, if I keep you warm, will that be a good enough gift.  And Jesus told me, if you keep me warm that would be the best gift you could give me.  So, I got in the manger and then Jesus looked at me and he told me I could stay with him for always."  When he finished telling his story he put his head on the table and sobbed. The little orphan boy found someone who would never leave him abandoned, someone who would stay with him always.  That is the promise of Christmas!  Jesus will stay with us always. 


Lori Ann shared a Christmas story from 1942 about a 15-year-old boy who wanted a rifle for Christmas and he was feeling sorry for himself when he didn't receive it.  His Dad asked him to come with him.  They unloaded some wood at a home and then they went to the door with meat, flour and shoes for each person.  He saw the tears on the mother's face and he was touched by the gratitude of the mother.  He felt such a joy.  He could see that he and his Dad were literally saving the lives of these people.  The mother said that they had prayed that God would send one of his angels to spare them.  When they left, his Dad said he was on the way to buy the rifle when he saw one of the little boys outside, his feet wrapped in gunny sacks, and he knew what he had to do.  He spent all the rifle money on the shoes, etc., and he hoped he would understand.  He understood and he was glad that Daddy had done it.  His Dad had given him a lot more.  He had given him the look on Mrs. Jensen's face and the radiant smiles of her three children.  And remembering always brought him the joy he felt that night.


Joe shared some experiences of his volunteering at a hospital.  An Italian man who knew no English, after receiving Holy Communion, Joe gave him a picture of Divine Mercy.  His whole face lit up when he saw it and he just took that picture and kept kissing it.  It brought him such joy.  Before that he was  really hurting.  In the second instance, Joe asked a Presbyterian if he would like some prayers.  Joe pulled out a commitment prayer card that Msgr. Stan uses and read the prayer.  Joe asked him if the words were meaningful for him.  He said that the words were beautiful.  When Joe asked if if he would like the prayer card, he said, "Of course, could I have two?"  Then, last week, Joe stepped in and there was this Anglican man who said that half of his family was Catholic and the other half Anglican, but he always wished he had been baptized a Catholic.  He also said that he was not happy with the church he was attending.  Not to be accused of stealing sheep, Joe said that perhaps he should look for another Anglican church.  But he said, "No, deep down I always feel I am a Catholic and now that I am in a hospital, maybe it's a good chance for me to look into the Catholic faith.  Joe gave this information to the Catholic Chaplain who formally had been Anglican.  Finally, in another instance, there were two male patients in the same room, and in both instances, these two men hadn't been to church for a very long time.  Joe spoke to one of them and encouraged him.  Joe said that there was a very good priest that he could talk to; there's no charge.  What did he have to lose?  So, with those words of encouragement, he said that he would be willing to see the priest.  The other man looked like he had issues with the church.  But when a person is sick in the hospital and knows they might die, they're more open to spiritual matters.  He said he wasn't interested in seeing a priest.  But Joe went to the Chaplain and reported both instances.  The priest said he would drop in on the other fellow as well.  Father saw both of them and both of them were reconnected to their faith.  One of them, when he saw Joe after about three weeks, thanked him so much.  Joe ended with the commitment prayer.  The fellow really loved it and Joe passed on the card to him.

 Praise Reports

Georgina - "My sister had surgery on her heart, on the aorta, and it was successful.  She is on top of, as high as she can be.  She was given the surgeon who was the top doctor in the hospital.  Because it is a teaching hospital, he chooses his patients and he chose her.  And it's like God chose her.  She is much more alive in spirit as she ever was.  So, I'm praising God for that and thank you all for praying.  And the other praise report is a friend of mine from Czech Republic.  She's a very young woman.  I think she's just 30.  For about 6 years that I've been kind of journeying with her a little bit, she was having a bad heart and it was surgery after surgery.  They were hoping blasting something out would help, and all kinds of things.  And it was getting worse and worse and she couldn't work and she's so you know, young bride.  She's just beautiful young woman.  I got a message at Christmas that she had a heart transplant and that she's well, that it took well and she's home already.  So, praise the Lord and thank you all for praying.  We prayed for her probably a year and half, two years ago.  Thank you. 

Lucie had a praise report.  Her brother and his wife moved into the city in December.  Lucie's sister-in-law was assigned dialysis in the evening shift and with Lucie's brother being ill, this was very difficult for him.  Lucie had asked for prayers at that time.  In the first week, they had an opening spot and she is now on a daytime shift.  It couldn't be better timing because he started his new aggressive chemo and the side effects are really tough on him right now.  









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